Sunday, July 1, 2012

Silver and Gold

Somewhere in my early life I learned a little musical round with the words
Make new friends, but keep the old;
One is silver and the other gold.
This weekend was a lovely blending of the two. Does it matter that one just turned two? (He'd be the new friend) or that I haven't seen the other in probably 15 years? Nah. That's the beauty of some friendships. You pick up where you left off. And we did. It was splendiforous. 

 (That's Marco, the just turned two grandson of my friend Doris, playing hide and seek in the courtyard of Kudu, where we stopped for a beer (Don't fall over in shock because it wasn't a coffee!) Marco's mother is expecting Baby #2, a girl, and she's threatening to name her Dora, so her kids can be Marco Polo and Dora the Explorer.) 

It was hotter than Satan's armpit (as my friend Sarah described it. I was less descriptive and said hotter than stink), but we still rambled about Chucktown, explored the  Farmer's Market at Marion Square , cooled off in the Children's Museum, and even had time to introduce Marco to Diggity Doughnuts (the second to last day Amber'll be doughnutting it this summer. You can still get them July 4th at Whole Foods) and the Medway Park/Riverland Terrace Sunday Brunch  Farmer's Market (last official day, though there may be some renegade appearances by some of the merchants and food trucks over the summer). Doris fell in love with the art work by Andy of Artisan Tees and snagged a souvenir for herself.  Adding a bit of "how cool is that" to a stinking hot day, I was able to score some quail eggs from Bonnie of Lazy B Quail Farm. Plus for literal coolness, my freezer now holds a sweet treat of chocolate gelato from my favoritest pasta guy in the whole wide world, who has added new delights to his repertoire. As if fresh pasta and killer sauces, etc weren't enough. We're having Rio Bertolini's ravioli tonight, with a salad mixed greens, and a seeded baguette with its own brand of Magic.  Local goodness. Mmmm...

Anyhow, being with my silver and gold made for a wonderful weekend. In the slathering heat, and sticky afternoons, we found the laughter, love, and peace that can only be found in true friendship.

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  1. We used to sing that in Girl Scouts!

    Love, love, love that Ocean Horse, but they don't have my size and I don't do tanks. If they had a tee in 2X, I'd be grabbing it!

    Ok, from now on, I'll think of Charleston as Czuktown!