Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bird brain: or how I spent my day

I've been home pretty much all week, getting progressively less sick. While it's given me a lot of time to read (once I felt well enough to do so), I've had little energy to do much else.  But I think may be on the mend, as today I tackled a project that has been simmering in my brain for about a month.  I've had all the supplies, but not the time. Today provided that time, in five to ten minute segment, interspersed with copious quantities of rest. Crafting is tough work! (The little white dot on the perch has a flower on it. And no worries-- the smudge on the flower in the last picture has been fixed.)


  1. Wow, cool patterns! Well done, smart lady.

  2. Very nice. It would fit right in to this exhibit (which my wife and I visited last month):

  3. It's very cute!