Monday, July 23, 2012

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

I have a friend, whether she's Beth to my Jennifer, Jennifer to my Beth, I don't really know, but were someone to tap into our internet correspondences, (because yes, some of what we wrote would trigger the stupid internet filter at the company where these two worked), I'm pretty sure they'd fall in love with my friend, and like me a lot, too. Just like Lincoln and I did with Beth and Jennifer.

Rainbow Rowell's debut novel actually gives the reader real characters that you want to have as friends (or sweethearts, if you're in the market.) My IT guy was a largish woman who stank of both her political views and the vague odor of cigarettes and Irish Spring soap. It was enough to drive me to become enough of a geek girl to handle office computer problems so there wasn't a lingering stench in the office after an IT visit. Rowell's lead character, Lincoln, (yeah, that's right. The lead in a sort of chick lit with a brain novel is the guy) is thoughtful, decent (well there's the whole reading the email thing, but it starts as part of his job description),and just seems to be a nice guy. Rumor has it he's cute in a sort of wholesome, real life way.  The other two main characters, who we meet mainly through their emails, are bright, funny, caring women with real-life sounding problems.  Friends who help each other out, provide sounding boards for ideas and shoulders for tears.  Who are there when you need them and even if you don't. People you want to know and have in your life.

Brava to Rainbow Rowell (and given that her first name is Rainbow, the  discussion about what to name a child should be read in a whole different light.  I have friends who felt that whatever you named your child should be able to pass the window test:  You could lean out the window and shout for the name without sounding like trailer trash, or that you were calling your pet.)

I found this to be the sort of book that read quickly, brought smiles, but also touched on some serious issues.  The characters were endearing.  The trip back to 1999 with them was delightful.  I look forward to reading more from this author.  I almost wish she'd had access to the email conversations with my friend. We're fabulous!

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  1. Love your review! That's exactly how I felt about it :)