Friday, January 29, 2016

Texts from Jane Eyre by Mallory Ortberg

I picked this up, even though I was afraid it would be gimmicky. Sure, there was some of that, but there was a lot of humor and cleverness, too. (I'm not sure how much of that would be picked up by someone unfamiliar with the different books/characters texting, but as I've read just about all the books, I did just fine.) Had to read it in small snippets throughout the day, because I needed to refresh and cleanse between books and genres and eras being depicted. A fun little "palate cleanser" between other books, and probably a good book to keep in mind when you want to give a little token to "the reader who's read everything."

Favorites? A whole bunch of them, but the ones I remember the most (a day after reading) are books that I remember the most: Jane Eyre, Emma, P&P, Little Women, and the classics in myth and Shakespeare. Harry Potter made me laugh, and I did like Hunger Games, except now I want cake.

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