Sunday, January 17, 2016

Are You Interested in an Officially Licensed The The Wheel of Time™ Themed Coloring Book?

Update: You can now preorder your The Wheel of Time™ coloring book at

Are you interested in a Wheel of Time coloring book? If so, please read on and respond in the poll at the over at Facebook in the JordanCon group, (link coming) or here (look in the right sidebar until 2 February 2016). Your response will help determine how many coloring books to print. The more commitments to pre-order the sooner they'll be printed.

Details that will hopefully help to answer your questions:
•20 designs have been approved for "Patterns of the Wheel", coloring art based on The Wheel of Time™ (Note: original post was for 18. We've added 2 more.) I am an officially licensed artist for The Wheel of Time™
•Book dimensions are 8.5 x11 inches (21.2 x28 cm)
•Each drawing will be stand alone on a page of high quality paper (i.e. no bleed through to a drawing on the backside, or for easy removal should you want to display your art.)
•The drawings are all in my pysanky-inspired style. If you are not familiar with my art, you can visit and check out some of my other works, including my first coloring book. I will also post some thumbnails of in the comments.)
•I anticipate the pre-order price will be $20 (USD) plus shipping (my website will calculate USPS postage.)
•Preorders can alternatively be picked up at JordanCon, if that option is selected when ordering.
•A few books may be available for sale at JordanCon in the print shop and in the charity auction. The price will be the regular (TBD) price, not the preorder one.
•I am not able (my own reasons, not the Con's) to (wo)man a table in the dealer's hall, though I will have a display in the art show and some of the originals will be available there.
•Books will remain available on my website, after the pre-order time period is over, until all are gone. There are no plans for a second printing at this time.
•I can mail overseas (my site will calculate postage and include it in the purchase price.)
•Currently working with Ta' veren Tees so that some will be available through their shop/convention tables at other conventions.
•Poll results will be tallied in mid February and I will place the print order accordingly.
•You will still need to preorder when that option opens up. I will post in this thread and separately when that occurs.

If you could indicate the likelihood of your pre-ordering Patterns of the Wheel, a coloring book based on the WoT), please indicate below. There also are options for ordering multiple copies. At this point, there is no differentiation as to how you plan to receive your pre-order, but there will be on the website when the ordering opens up. Please only vote in one place.

Thank you all so much! Robert Jordan has the most wondrous fans! 

Some pictures because that always helps.



  1. I will definitely pre-order a book.

  2. I will definitely pre-order a book.

  3. I will definitely pre order 2!

  4. I will definitely pre order 2!

  5. Yes! Would love to preorder one of the WoT coloring books. Am I able to get one shipped to the Netherlands?

    1. Yes, indeed. Or, if someone you know from the Netherlands is coming to JordanCon and willing to carry it back for you, that could work, too. :) Make sure you add your vote to the poll, please.

  6. This is awesome news! I just recently bought a coloring book for A Game of Thrones and was thinking how I'd love to find one for Wheel of Time. I will definitely preorder! :)

  7. Please make sure to add your vote to the poll on the right side of this blog (if you haven't added it to another poll in the JordanCon group or at Thank you all for your kind words.

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  9. Voted via the sidebar instead of here :)
    Thanks for doing this!!!

  10. I was all for it, until I saw the pony. Anatomical correctness would be nice. This is aimed at adults, so I would expect Beloved Bella to not look like a child's drawing.

  11. I would definatly pre-order at least two.

  12. I would definatly pre-order at least two.