Thursday, January 28, 2016

Officially Licensed The Wheel of Time™ Coloring Book Preorders Now Open

Yup, it's true! You can now pre-order Patterns of the Wheel, the first officially licensed coloring book based on Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time™. Click on over to and check it out. The coloring book is available in two places on the site: The Wheel of Time Collection, and also under the Pysanky-Inspired cards and coloring books option. While you're there, please take a wander and see what else is available.

If you preorder, what you'll get, sometime in March (or April if you choose the JordanCon delivery option) is 20 original czukart drawings based on Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time™ series. Included are free-form designs depicting familiar themes and scenes from the series, 7 spoked wheel/mandalas, and even a bit of Old Tongue. Each piece is printed individually on a page to protect from bleed-through and for easy removal should you wish to frame your art. Also included is a chart to identify some of the most common pysanky symbols/meanings  used in the drawings. The Old Tongue within some of the pieces is interpreted in the title of the piece, or can be translated via the alphabet in The Wheel of Time Companion.

Please be sure to select the option that works for you: your order mailed to you ($20 plus shipping) or delivery at JordanCon ($20). US Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail so you can track your order as it travels to you. International shipping is available, too. The website will calculate costs at checkout.

Preorders close when the books are received back from the printer. At that time the price will increase to $25.

Thank you so much for your support in making this happen. 

PS I've had several folks who are not WoT fans look at the drawings, and they wanted to color the pages, even not knowing the series. New way to introduce The Wheel of Time to people?

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