Thursday, December 3, 2015

Owls: Our Most Charming Bird by Matt Sewell

I've always loved the sounds of owls in the night. When we moved into our home on the island, the first week I saw a barn owl coast across our yard at dusk, ghostly white against the darkening sky. I'd hear the "who cooks for you"  of a barred own call and know they were nearby. I've seen great horned owls perched up in the live oaks in the back yard, near the lake; once, even a group of three watched me sleepily from a branch as I pushed my kayak out onto the water. The last few years we were there, screech owls took up roost out our bedroom window. They were so fascinating, and so absolutely darling, I almost didn't want to move. But we did. Within a week, I'd heard the cry of a barred owl in the trees near our new place, and knew I was truly home.

My fascination has taken expression in my art, as I love to draw owls, too. And I love to see how others draw them, which is why this book was so much fun for me. Matt Sewell's Owls: Our Most Charming Bird is a fun addition to my birder books, and while it may not be a Sibly's or a National Geographic, it has a charm of its own and is a book I will love to return to and visit the whimsical owls that grace the pages. 

This is probably a better book for a beginner birder, or an owl lover than for someone who is seriously into birding, but the illustrations are truly charming.

Thank you to Blogging for books and to the publishers for sending me my copy of this book.

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