Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Accident by Chris Pavone

If you were a literary agent, and an anonymous manuscript, which has the potential to reveal secrets about a powerful media mogul appeared on your desk one day, would you risk your life to get it published? Apparently the answer is yes. And, apparently, the answer is yes for others who get their hands on the manuscript legitimately or by subterfuge, creating targets to acquire and a huge body count racked up for those who wish to block the release.

All of this should make good reading, especially for someone who likes thrillers with an international flair, but it didn't find the sweet spot in my personal reading tastes. Though I usually like alternating story lines, I found myself getting the characters confused and was annoyed by the shifting perspectives and the third person present tense narrative. It would have been easier had I actually liked any of the characters, but none ever reached the cockles of my heart to warm. I kept reading, though, because I'd liked more than disliked Pavone's first novel, was interested in the tidbits about publishing, and because I'd been sent this book via LibraryThing's early reviewer program, and feel a commitment to finish a book, when it's been sent to me.

I finished the book, though, relatively unsurprised by any of the revelations that come out as the book progressed. Will I read another Pavone book? Probably. There have been elements I liked in each, and things I've learned from each. Did I like this enough to give it three stars out of 5? Not really. But 2.5 works for me.

Thank you to LibraryThing and the publisher for sending a copy of the book my way.

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