Monday, February 9, 2015

What are Pysanky?

Ukrainian Egg Decorating has been handed down through generations since before the time of Christ. The symbols and colors all contain meaning, representing life: wishes of hope, health, prosperity, safety, and blessings. With the advent of Christianity, the symbols have taken on additional meanings reflecting the prayers and hopes that the coming of Christ has brought to Christians. Pysanky means “to write” as egg shells are not painted, but are decorated in a process using wax resistance and dyes. Each pysanka carries a one of a kind message of hope and good wishes. Legend has it that as long as pysanky are written, goodness will prevail over evil throughout the world.

Amy Romanczuk is a book enthusiast, a pysanky artist, and retired pediatric nurse in Charleston, SC. She is self-taught pysanky writer of Ukrainian heritage. Several of her original design pysanky were accepted into the collection of Museum of Ukrainian Decorative Folk Arts in Kyiv, as representational from artists outside Ukraine. #czukart
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  1. That's so exciting about the museum, I hadn't heard you had some in their collection before! They are very beautiful!

  2. Yeah, they've been in for about 12-15 years, I guess, though with the state of things in Ukraine, who knows what's happening with the collection.