Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Black Widow Club: Nine Tales of Obsession and Murder by Hilary Davidson

I liked reading these short stories of Hilary Davidson. I like her novels, so it was interesting to see where she came from (so to speak) as these stories were written primarily before her first novel was published. Some are award-winners in various venues; all are worth the read. The format of the book is ebook.

What sets these stories apart for me is the delicious sense of humor that comes out in the plots, dilemmas, and results for the characters. This woman has a marvelous wicked streak in her. I'm not letting her anywhere near my weed killer!

Also fun was to see some of the things I know this author loves pop up in some of the stories: travel, old movies, and some of the stars of the golden age of Hollywood.

I'm not normally a fan of short stories, but these each caught my interest. And if I guessed where some might be headed, the journey that the author guided me along to the outcome was enjoyable, and sometimes took a left hand turn, when I expected a right.

Many thanks to Tor for sending me a copy to read.

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