Monday, January 2, 2017

Amberlough by Lara Elena Donnelly (Publishing date February 7, 2017)

My first book of the year and, holy moly! If the rest of the 2017 books follow trend, it's gonna be a hella good year! The early reviews haven't  lied. Amberlough truly does bring the reader a plate filled with espionage, intrigue, panache,and passion, with a dash of cabaret life, thrown in. This is one case where the cover doesn't lie. (Though I will admit, that as I started the book, there were some similarities between current political happenings and the happenings in the book, which, when the manuscript was being written weren't in evidence, that made me a little nervous. Then the story just grabbed me and didn't let go.)
I hope there's a sequel, but give me time to grow my finger nails back (or to break my nail biting habit.) 

A proper review coming when 1) I'm feeling better (started the new year sick. Am hoping this means it only gets better) and 2) am caught up on other reviews, also pending.

To the author: blame your editor for sending me your way, but you turned me into a fangirl all on you own.


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