Saturday, August 2, 2014

What Strange Creatures by Emily Arsensault

When I finished reading Miss me when I'm gone, I immediately looked for another Emily Arsenault novel. Her latest, What Strange Creatures fell into my lap. Another well-crafted story, centering on Theresa Battle, an ABD (all but dissertation ) PhD candidate. She's got thee cats and a dog (she  acquired one after each breakup, starting with her divorce), a slightly dysfunctional family, and a totally boring copy-writing job at the local candle company. She has been given a deadline to finish her dissertation (which she's been writing for 7 years) on Margery Kempe, the Medieval mystic and pilgrim, who also wrote the first known autobiography. But at the same time, her brother, (brilliant, a bit hapless, jobless, and somewhat of a drinker) finds himself being accused of the murder of his girlfriend. What's a loving sister to do? Theresa sets out to find the truth.

I've somewhat butchering my summary, but let me just say I really enjoyed this book. The characters felt real, the plot revolving around them, not them around the plot. And there was all this stuff about Margery that was absolutely fascinating.

Have already started scouting for the remaining Arsenault left for me to read. Yay!

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