Thursday, August 7, 2014

It's the little things we do for our friends

It all started with a picture a friend posted of something at work. It grabbed me for many reasons: my love of nature, of surprise, and of the downright squeeable elements in the photo.  That it had distinct bawdy elements also delighted me. It was too much to resist.

So, I began to paint. And fiddle with details. And tweak this, fix that.  But soon, my painting was ready. Now I needed a title. I could have gone simple, basic, but there was the obvious earthy humor staring me in the face. Since I intended on gifting the painting to my friend, I needed her input, but wanted to keep the element of surprise, so I included her in a group chat with a number of wonderful women, all of whom I have met through the world of The Wheel of Time. The question I posed was simple: 

For a project I'm working on, I need a slang/pet name for vagina. Lady Bits just doesn't work in this situation. Help, please!

The resulting conversation, which has now stretched on for two days has been hilarious. Wonderful. Bawdy. Enlightening. Charming. Fun.

I realized that one word wouldn't suffice for my title. So, I took a large selection of words, and put them on magnetic tiles, and placed a magnet, serving as a space in the title, where my friend can add the word of her choice, depending on her mood.

Lady Bits by other names
But the whole process was so enjoyed by this marvelous cadre of women, that they wondered what the project was. My original idea had been to bring the painting to JordanCon, and gift my friend there. You know, the whole idea of seeing someone's face when they open a package. But, I really adore all these other women, too, and I hate to make them wait, particularly if they won't get to JordanCon (plus, it's often hard to make sure everyone gets included when you're mingling with 500+ people.) But, wonder of wonders, my friend's birthday is coming soon, so, there's really no reason to wait. Sure, I'll miss her expression, but she can fake it and send me a picture. (And then again, she might not like the end result, so I'm spared seeing her fake looking like she likes it.)

Sooo.... below is the original photo, and my rendition. 

It's called "Racoochie; or Raccoon in a _____ Tree".

Happy birthday (several days early), Jen. Face it. You're loved.


And for fun, here's how the back looks:

This may be the start of a new career!


  1. Another one: in Australia it is referred to as a "fanny". It always amuses us that this is the name for the backside of either gender in the US.

  2. And a nice post. :) My bad for not mentioning it before, but I just arrived home from a long working week.

  3. Thanks, Linda. Interestingly enough, just had a long conversation with some UK friends about the meaning of fanny and a few other slang terms that came up in a book I read. Will have to make a "fanny" magnet to completely confuse other Americans!

  4. Yes do! :D Much Australian slang is from the UK, but not all.

  5. PS I obviously didn't include ALL my WoT ladyfriends, just a few. I knew you'd been travelling, and wasn't sure if you were home yet.