Friday, December 18, 2020

2020 Wishes

czukart 2020
                                                                        ANR 2020

 It's a pandemic and a holiday season. And my pod is just two people, both with the same last name, and married to each other. All of which is reason to pop in to send love and good wishes to anyone who might be reading this. 

We are both well. We still like each other, and there's still a lot of laughter in our home. I've taken to saying that as an introvert, a voracious reader, a retired nurse, and someone who likes to tinker creatively/artistically when able, I've been in training for this my entire life. We've kept to ourselves and done all that we can to stay healthy. There's some street art here in Charleston that says "I can't wait to hug you when this is over." It's currently right up there in my list of favorite art.

I'd wish for an exciting and precedent setting 2021 for everyone, but 2020 has taught me to be careful what I wish for. Instead, I'll wish you the chance to reconnect with what you hold dear, to experience joy, and much happiness-- and of course good health.

Here's to 2021. 

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