Saturday, December 3, 2016

In Memoriam by Nathan Burgoine

I've been meaning to read some of this author's works since he was someone I enjoyed on the forums of BookCrossing back in the old days, and he has remained good friends with one of my dearest friends. This Kindle short read turned the "meaning to" into "I'm glad I finally did". A great premise and story line, with James, faced with a terrible diagnosis and a very short time to live, acknowledges the one regret in life he has about "the one that got away". I mean, who hasn't dreamed of the ultimate do-over? 

Good writing, plus a good plot, characterization, and pace mean I will be seeking out more of 'Nathan Burgoine's writing.

From the publisher:
With one diagnosis, editor James Daniels learns that he's literally running out of time. Looking at his life, he sees one regret: Andy, the one that got away. Andy was the first man that James ever loved, but Andy has been gone for years, and might not want to be found.

But as his cancer progresses and James starts to lose his grip on time and memory, it might just be that time and memory are losing their grip on James, too. 

It's the biggest and most important re-write of his life. Restoring love from nothing but memory might be possible, if the past isn't too far gone to fix.

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