Friday, June 10, 2016

Uprooted by Naomi Novik

A note of apology: I am tired and recovering from an exacerbation of my wonky health. This was a wonderful book, and I can't do it justice in my current state, but need to put something down to capture the few random thoughts sparking off my brain. There are other, eloquent reviews. I applaud them and direct you there. Stay here for wonkiness.

Another wonderful find, picked up on recommendation of a reading friend. It has so many of the elements I like: a complex but likable lead character who makes mistakes but is utterly human (I imagine her in wrinkled skirt with a tear on it, and mud at the hem, smudged face, hair coming out of her braid, but alert and observant), a compelling plot line to untwist, conflict, great world building that had me wanting to eat perogies and borscht and other foods of my heritage, a nod to the fairytales of Slavic lands (I'm a big Baba Yaga fan), and some darn fun writing. Plus there's magic (just in case you missed it, danger, and good solid friendship. I hear it was nominated for a Hugo award and I think maybe a Nebula. And sad puppies or not, that still means something.

I'm gonna track down more from this author.

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