Sunday, May 22, 2016

Word Puppets by Mary Robinette Kowal

Back on her birthday, I posted on Facebook, "Dear MRK- In honor of your birthday, I got your most recent book. I figured that was a good present for an author/friend."

Now, in May (not because I'm a slow reader, but because I don't often read on my e-reader), I've just finished wrapping the gift she gave me in the stories of Word Puppets. I started it at JordanCon, (which, back in 2012 is where I met the author), and have picked it up here and there, between other books to finish it off. Some of the stories were good, some great, some left me with that vague sense of wanting more (which is why I prefer not to read short stories). At least one made me scratch my head and wonder. But none made me want to skip the story, or to stop reading. I also loved how imagery of things which are important or favorites of the author were woven into the stories. However, were one to talk about "my favorite bit" of the book, I must fess up-- it wasn't by our esteemed author, but was the wonderful introduction by Patrick Rothfuss. Icing/cake anyone?
All in all, a good collection.

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