Friday, February 5, 2016

Want to time travel? In Charleston, here's how (offer valid through February 18, 2016)

Late in 2015, the amazing Liv Antonecchia, of Surface Craft Gallery, invited local artists to join in a project: draw, paint, write, create in whatever form, in a sketchbook for 30 days in January 2016. The challenge was accepted by 40 artists, representing a broad range of visual and literary arts, and the completed works of 27* of them are now on display at the gallery (49 John Street, downtown). The basic sketchbook, a creative work in itself, measures approximately 1"x 3", and each were handmade by Kris Westerson, an artist with an amazing array of talents (Go on: check her site out. I'll wait.)

And the completed books? Oh, wow. I loved my teeny, tiny blank book that kept me company during January. I tried to think of a theme (which many of the participants did) but my mind was too scattered. I decided instead to use my book as a testing ground for trying out new things, as well as incorporating some of my basic skill set. I let myself be inspired by other artists, and try some things I'd been too timid to approach. And in between new things, I let my pysanky brain roam free. You might say my book consists of some things old, some things new, some borrowed, and even a couple that are blue. Some I love, some wouldn't see the light of day had they not found a home in the book, but hey, it's about the journey, right?

Photo by of Liv Antonecchia
Last night, though, I stood in awe of what fellow artists had accomplished in that same space: stories, collections, dreams, fantasies, maps, cartoons, commentaries-- it is an incredible array of art and world views. We each took that same tiny book that Kris bound and Liv offered, and created things fantabulous. One artist even created a work out of pottery instead of using the pages. (There are some pictures below-- some of which I ganked from Facebook or Instagram because many of mine came out more blurry than I anticipated. I blame it on the wine Liv served. I apologize to the folks who I didn't identify, I should have taken notes to go with pictures.)  

So, that's all nice, but how is is time travel? The answer is simple, simple math that is: 27 artists x 30 days = 810 days. And for the price of admission (which is free) you can see it all in the time it takes you to meander through the display at Surface Gallery.

Art and photo by Kate Fortney
Art and photo by Heather Powers

Art and photo by Amy Romanczuk

photo and book by Elizabeth Porcher Jones
Art and photo by Karyn Healy

Art and photo by Alison Brynn Ross

Interconnectedness (photo and book)
by Kris Westerson

art (and photo) byTami Boyce

Art by Kris Westerson

What? You're still here? Get on over to Surface Gallery!

*the option existed for people to be able to take their art home after the show, so some may be gone. The other cool thing? Some are for sale!

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