Friday, February 5, 2016

The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty

When you've had someone you love die violently at the hands of someone else, you tend to think a lot about justice and karma. At least that's my experience. Mileage may vary for other family members. Our civilization, and many others, holds fundamental the ideas of justice and upholding laws that protect life and freedoms. And that's really the basis of this story. A violent act was committed. The repercussions ripple across the years, twisting and breaking lives and hearts in the process. If the truth is a long time coming, is it any better or worse to know? And what of justifications? Of suppositions? Of fermenting sorrows and anger. What about when fate steps in and deals it's own heavy hitting, is that justice? Can the score of taking another's life ever be settled? Can it ever be forgiven? Should it be?

My own experience teaches me we get through tragedy, but never over it. In the life taken from my world, both justice and karma had their say. It doesn't make the loss any easier.

I have purposely not rated this book. I can't.

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