Monday, April 6, 2015

Website for czukart

(The following is an PSA.) 

The White Tower Collection (sold separately or as a set)
So, what's your website? That's a question I've been hearing more and more these days, as I get more public about my art, both pysanky and 2D work. These days, I'm more likely to reply, "it's in progress", which it is -- and should be going live sometime in the near future.  Some extremely talented friends (more on that, later) are helping me, but I'm slow. It was hard for me to figure out what I wanted to show/do with an internet space that wasn't a blog. But now, I can tell you it's coming, and it will showcase my pysanky, my 2D art, and the art I'm doing as a Wheel of Time officially licensed artist (which includes both of the aforementioned categories.) I think the web address will be, and know that it will be a storefront on It might be also listed as Amy Romanczuk Art. Not sure.
Birds of a feather (sold separately)

Since it's not yet live, and I'm not sure it will be live before JordanCon (though I hope so), I can be reached by email or private message via one of those social media type sites where you may have seen my work, or even via message at this blog. If you're interested in a specific item or a commissioned piece, and you know what it is, tell me and we can chat about availability and costs. If you want to simply see what's available in pysanky, I can take a picture and send it to you if you give me your email address in the message. 
Pysindy Peacock (prints available)

I do promise to post as soon as the site is live. In the meantime, some of my pysanky are available at the wonderful Surface Craft Gallery on John St in Charleston, SC or Main Street Gallery on Main St in Clayton, GA.

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