Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Son by Jo Nesbø

The Son started off slow for me, but it may have been because I'm still getting used to an e-reader. However, though the set-up in the book is different from previous Nesbo books, it's consistent with his excellence in plot, writing, and character development. Nesbo has helped me become a bit familiar with the law enforcement end of life in Norway, both the good and the corrupt. I kept wondering (hoping? seeking?) if a character or two from his marvelous Harry Hole series would make a cameo appearance. But even without any known characters (or at least non I quickly spotted) this book was riveting. It is a stand alone that holds its own, filled with classic Nesbo convolutions. It's the first of his books that I had an inkling early on where it might lead in part, but that didn't lessen the suspense for me. It's a book where you simultaneously can root for the guy doing killings and the guy trying to bring him in.  It's about revenge, exploration of what is evil, justice, seeking to right what is wrong, loyalty, and love.  It has marvelous characters in it. I won't try to write a synopsis here, because others have done it quite well elsewhere. But, if you're a fan of Nordic noir, and don't mind a bit of nail biting, find this book. It will give you all that, plus an eloquent examination of justice.

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