Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline

I read this delicious book just before we moved. In fact, I think it was the last book I read in the old house, and I was just too dang busy to do a proper review. Now, of course, it's a month after I finished it, and though the book has stayed with me, many of the details have fled. I do remember thinking that I loved some of the details the author included -- the cost of something on a advertisement/sign painted on a building, etc. Those made things more realistic, tangible, for me. I liked the two stories, present and past, and liked that though they were related, there was no denouement where the two characters were blood relations or something. What a great feeling to read a book you like, and to learn something from it as well. In this case, I learned a lot about the Orphan Trains, which were an amazing piece of US history -- well intended, and in some cases, ending happily, but in others, opening up worlds of heartbreak.

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