Sunday, July 14, 2013

Insane City by Dave Barry

I've missed Dave Barry. No doubt about it. And there's no doubt he loves his city, even when he dresses her up like an overweight tart in spangles and a spandex dress a size too small.

Imagine the most meticulously planned wedding, even down to the creation of the cake topper (hand-crafted in Italy and costing more than some college tuition.) Now imagine the bachelor party from hell, rolling like a perfect strike down the alley, toward that wedding. That's Insane City, where Dave Barry takes his reader through a different sort of south Florida than the tourist boards depict: Run-down tourist traps, characters that just might have to look up to see the underbelly of society, illegal immigrants, thugs, pimp-mobiles equipped with porn videos in the dashboard. It's even got millionaires, magic brownies, and the governor of Florida.

With typical raunchy humor, Barry describes a wedding weekend like none other, and a groom on a quest to retrieve the ring needed for the perfect wedding.

Did I mention that there's a horny orangutan involved?

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