Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffifan

Dad may be fat, but he's also an exceptionally funny man, a loving father, and a delightful story teller.

Saw Jim Gaffigan on the Colbert Report, where he talked a little about this book. I immediately went out to get it. Smiled just about the whole way through it. I parented far fewer children than he does, but as a mother, and as someone whose work put her in constant contact with children and their parents, I can say he's nailed much about how the two interact. Maybe not <i>your</i> kids, but you still will have seen or can relate (hate that term --"I can relate") to what he writes. I loved the affection and love he has for his kids and his wife Jeannie (who is not fat, and sounds like a fabulous mom.)

PS The title comes from the first full sentence Gaffigan's eldest son, Jack, (six at the time of book publication) ever wrote.

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