Thursday, August 2, 2012

Black Blade Blues, by JA Pitts

When javaczuk asked me what I was reading, I mumbled something about urban fantasy, blacksmiths, lesbians, Seattle, and a dragon who was a shape-shifter and currently in the form of an investment banker. That caught his attention. And the book caught mine, too. I can see it that it is the start for what may be a really interesting series. Loved that it was set in an area of the country where we long to go, dragons or not, and really like that the author stepped outside of his gender comfort zone to have his main character be a physically strong, yet emotionally vulnerable woman, who was just coming to terms with her sexuality.  There are enough characters in this opening foray who caught my attention, and made it through the story, to interest me in the next.  I also liked how the SCA folks in the story adopted Tolkienisms, and in this book must blend with Norse mythology to make sense of what's happening in their world. Sarah is probably in serious need of professional help, but she still can kick arse on the battle field. My biggest question though, is what the hell was Tor thinking with that cover? It may sell books, but a battle-fighting blacksmith in a crop top? Yeah, right. (What does it say that I can accept the whole fantasy element, but I can't accept that?)

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  1. It says that in some ways, you and I are alike.