Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff

A friend gave me this book saying it was the best book she read all summer. I read it and am thinking I need to seriously re-evaluate our friendship. I know this received rave reviews from many quarters, but for the most part, it did absolutely  nothing for me. I did like the opening chapters, particularly the second, with the story of Lotto's birth. There was a slightly magical feel to it all, and, had the book continued in that vein, I might have loved it, too. However, it didn't, and I had a hard time continuing to the end of the book, for I could find no further foothold to boost my interest, or even my sympathy, with the characters. Even the style of the writing, and the he said/she said viewpoint,  couldn't overcome the distaste I felt for pretty much every single character after those initial pages of delight.

I guess I sometimes just don't run with the crowd. My apologies to Ms Groff. I may try another book in the future, because I admire skill in telling a story, even if it is one that doesn't appeal to me, personally.

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