Thursday, April 28, 2016

Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston

I've been on a purge of the "stuff" in our home for a while now, and hoped this book would encourage me to go forth with renewed energy. It did, a little, but I also found a lot in it that made me more irritated at the author than inspired. Books by my bed don't mean that my primary relationship is with books rather than people. It means that I'm an avid reader and read a lot of books, though (now) keep only a smidgeon of what I read. If my house catches on fire, it's not the universe biting me in the behind for my clutter, though it would be a misfortune. It's more likely my recluse neighbor Barney, who lives down the hill, had one of his fires get out of control.  I found the author to be a bit patronizing, as well. 

What would really help me is a book that told me how to separate memories from objects, or how to detach myself from the joy those memories bring me of loved ones now gone, or times now past. It's not a sin to treasure memories, and sometimes objects help keep the heart whole, or help a wounded one heal. I want to cut down on our possessions mostly because I know it would make my husband happy, and to save my children from having to decide what to do with it all. The toy mechanical tiger that was my father's has memories for me from his stories, but they not only never met him, but never heard me tell the stories. Ebay, anyone? I think I need inspiration/motivation from inside myself rather than from inside the pages of a book.

Thank you blogging for books for sending me this book. I am removing it from the pile beside my bed, to help declutter the house.

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