Friday, November 6, 2015

Doodletopia: Cartoons by Christopher Hart

I'm afraid I'm going to part from the crowd on this one. It's a fine book, and I can see the appeal of Hart's style of cartooning, but it's not for me. I was hoping for more tips on figure drawing, and they're there, but mainly if I want to draw like Christopher Hart. My style is very different from his, and I'm not wanting to change. I think I just somehow entirely missed the "cartoon" in the title (which is crazy, because it's right there in big letters, but I was rushing to select a book from Blogging for Books, and now hear my grandmother's voice telling me "haste makes waste"). Oh well. I think that if I dig in more deeply, I'll probably find some helpful information regarding proportions etc, but for the most part, it's not really what I'd hoped. Plus side is, I know someone who'll adore this book, so it's being put away for a holiday gift. Many thanks to Blogging for Books and the publisher for sending this on to me.

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