Thursday, August 6, 2015

Learn to Draw Calligraphy Animals by Andrew Fox

There are things I'm supposed to be doing today. But my to-do list has been shoved rudely aside. Why? Because I had to, simply had to dive into playing with pen and ink, and the designs in this book.

I've been captivated by Andrew Fox's designs since discovering his art on Instagram. When I learned that he had a freshly minted book, I think I actually made that "squee" sound. And, thanks to the artist and his publisher, my very own copy arrived at my door yesterday afternoon. Within 5 minutes, I began reading, and unable to control the creative impulse, grabbed my Pilot Parallel pen and cranked out a gleeful

Today, I've been playing. And playing. And smiling. And having a grand time. The beauty of this book is that Fox provides both clear instructions for drawing a variety of animals (mammals, crustaceans, reptiles, insects, mollusks, birds; I think amphibians are missing, but that's probably only because the book is 70 pages) but also gives a great launching place for creative work. I tend to think, "I could never draw a (cat, camel, crab, critter)" and often don't try. But with a few simple strokes of the pen, I can. With my confidence whetted, I can branch out and try my own design. Or I can stick to the simple elegance of Fox's minimalist calligraphy animals. It's a win-win.

The book comes with a pen and paper, but I must admit, I pulled out my own pen, because I'm simply in love with the ease and elegance of Pilot's Parallel Pen (and no, I have no commercial association with Pilot). The instructions Fox gives are simple, clear, and pictorial, and include a diagram for the direction to hold your pen nib with each stroke. Follow the instructions, or apply your own imagination.

This is a lovely little treat of a book for any level artist, wanna-be to established.  Now excuse me. The critters are calling.
Pysanka inspired by Andrew Fox's art