Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Moment of Everything

I picked this up because it was about a bookstore, more or less. It didn't grab me, at first, so I put it aside, but picked it up again after reading the reviews of others on goodreads. Those reviews told me two things -- the book got better as it went along, and apparently, a lot of people picked it up because of the cover (which I'm embarrassed to say I didn't really look at until I read it charmed others. Okay, yeah, it's pretty cute.)

The book did get better on the second pick-up. In fact, I went from thinking I'd abandon it, to curling up on the sofa and reading till there were no more pages. So, yes, I liked it. I think there are enough reviews online that cover the plot, but things I liked were the reverence some of us have of independent (used) bookstores, the idea that romance can, indeed, live on the pages of books, characters that were believable in their quirks and flaws (despite the gay best friend scenario that cropped up), coffee and books go together, and a setting in Mountainview, CA. There were other likes, too, but that's enough for now.

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