Saturday, May 23, 2015

Infuse: Oil, Spirit, Water by Eric Prum and Josh Williams

The problem with writing a review on this book is that it takes me away from playing in the kitchen and garden, coming up with tasty infusions. So many recipes to try! And so many good tips to help muddle my muddles, pep up my oils, brew my beverages. Oh my! And, for the record, the mason tap these two guys invented, to fit on mason jars and help dispense defused liquids is pure genius. Having been in the amateur hour of infusions prior to this, I can see that the tap helps solve a significant problem of transferring liquids without making a mess. I've ordered two.

On a side note, they've got a recipe to help make flavor a whiskey like a certain currently popular blend (The recipe is called Birefall and rhymes with that aforementioned one), that involves a lot of cinnamon and no antifreeze.

Oh, this is a fun book. I can think of easily a dozen friends who would love it. Some of you may even read this review. Get your own copy. This one's staying here.

Thank you to the folks at Blogging for Books for sending this to me and to Eric and Josh for making me so happy.

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