Monday, October 6, 2014

Art Show images

Some pictures from an art show the other evening, where my pysanky and pysanky-inspired art were on display with works from 4 other artists.  I was the only pysanky artist and was my first actual art show as in art only, not a bazaar, fund raiser, pysanky sales event, state fair, crafts fair, etc. Very appreciative of all who stopped by to talk pysanky with me and to the organizing committee for including me. I wish I'd gotten pictures of all the artists, or of my area set up. The two Rushnyk I used on the table are from the czuk family treasure chest. One was my mother-in-law's and the other was given to us by family in Ukraine, when husband and son went to visit in 2004 or 05.  The individual egg baskets were presents from my brother and sister-in-law in India, and a crystal dish I used for display was a wedding gift to my mother and father. I seem to carry my family with me wherever I go. It's a treasure.

My table before the pysanky were placed
Aka: Keep yer mitts off! Seemed nicer than "You break, you buy"

Acrylics by Chuck Carder (

Quali eggs dyed, etched, waxed
traditional goose egg
Ostrich egg in traditional pattern
Goose egg commemorative : Folly Beach


Nature photography by retired Physics professor Norris Preyer

Modern interpretations of traditional designs
Inadvertent selfie in the reflections of a piece called
"Patterns of the Wheel" and a bobwhite pysanky


  1. They're all lovely, Czukie!

  2. Thanks, speddy! The Owls on a string is off to the left of the first picture. I'll get the print made soon, promise!