Monday, June 25, 2012

I've looked at clouds from both sides now

Driving home from choir and church (and my peaceful Sunday strolls around downtown Charleston) yesterday, my reverie was broken by a cloud formation. (Luckily Javaczuk was driving, so no cars or fishermen on the bridge were injured by my contemplative state or awakening from it.) I've always wanted to see rabbits, or puppies, or even dragons in the clouds.  I guess once a urology nurse, always a urology nurse, because the cloud I saw clearly only looked like one thing to me, and to everyone that I have showed the picture.

And for my medical friends, when the wind began to blow from the east, it developed hypospadias (which spell check wants to change to hypochondriacs, but I won't let it.)

I've heard it said that nature makes no mistakes, but clearly sometimes there's junk in the sky.

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